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Chat was founded by Vixen on February 16, 1997 (that's one day before the Monkees special aired on ABC. She had been looking at webchat applications for a while as she wanted to add one to her now defunct Monkees Webpage, and choose the Webchat network as it was the best at the time. She hurridly set up the chat because she wanted to give all those who didn't have IRC access access to a monkees chat room so that they could watch and discuss the abc special together. She originally set out to try to set up a webchat link to #monkees, a dal.net chat room, but the feature wasn't available at the time.

When she announced the new chat to the monkees mailling list, Brad (the founder of the Official Monkees Homepage) used the webchat and liked it enough to add it to his Monkees Page. #monkeeschat has changed a lot since those early times.

Late in 2003, #monkeeschat was plagued by an idiot IRCop who went by the name of ScottK. He closed down the channel on webmaster (trying to prove the size of his nonexistant manhood). The #monkeeschatters, a wee bit confused, happily moved to a nicer, smaller irc network where the IRCops didn't have Napoleon complexes. That is how we got to irc.blitzed.org. You can read about that incident here.

#monkeeschat was originally going to be a chat to "teach" people IRC so they could go to the dal.net chat, which at the time the preferred monkees chat. As time went on, the #monkeeschat developed a style and atmosphere all it's own which is very different from the dal.net chat. Now, neither the ops nor the regulars of #monkeeschat want it to be like #monkees. The distint personalities and atmosphere's of both chats combine to give every type of monkee fan a nice place to chat.

The first channel operator was DMSS (also known as Dee), but she doesn't visit #mc anymore. Cara, Kretch, Pete, Daye, Bren, TomServo (who doesn't chat anymore), and Jules (SunnyG) closely followed her. My evil Twin Aph and everyone's favorite operator, Webby, came to instil fear into the hearts of all chatters after SunnyG. More recently, we have Torky, our newest operator. All of these guys and gals have been around through the chat's "growing pains", arguments, etc. They've all been here since the chat's beginning in 1997 (some came on the first week chat was up, others in the first month or so, but all have earned their oldbie status). These are the people who made the chat what it is today.